Monday, January 30, 2023

Q NOTES # K+51: Tax Attacks

The first time I heard right-wingers trying to push their so-called Fair Tax plan, I was still listening to Rush Limbaugh on my car radio. Once they're fixated on an extremely shitty concept, the assholes will never let it quietly disappear.

The archaic fair tax proposal basically abolishes the Internal Revenue Service, federal income tax, estate taxes, and other federal taxes. The loss of revenue is supposed to be offset by a national 30 percent sales tax on practically everything people buy, including food and other essential commodities. This would obviously shift the burden of federal taxation from the wealthiest to the middle class.

There's some division among MAGA Monkeys in the House over the radical scheme, but deep down inside, they all know this crap won't get past the Senate or Joe Biden's veto.

Added 6:38 PM Monday: As a change of pace, here's something funny. Last week I read a report that Empty Greene is trying to hustle her way onto the 2024 ticket as Waste of Shit's VP running mate. That's been pretty obvious for awhile, and I'm fairly sure WoS would choose a woman if he thought it would get him elected. It would probably be a woman other than Empty Greene, who wouldn't meet fatso's beauty criteria.

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Q NOTES # K+39: More Sewer Swimming

David Corn @ Mother Jones: There's a widespread assumption among political pundits that Waste of Shit's shine is being replaced by serious tarnish, and that Ronnie DeSanitized is moving in to replace him as leader of the MAGA Monkey party in 2024. David provides a sound basis for a Not so fast, Ronnie argument. To WoS, life is just a series of games, none of which have any rules. This makes him especially dangerous in the world of competitive politics, and not to be underestimated as a threat.

The (R) Party that I despised so many years has largely been remade as the MAGA Monkey Party, but one thing has remained constant. Whether they're Republicans or MAGA Monkeys, they always choose the worst option available. If their choice is between bad and good, they'll choose bad. If the choice is between bad and worse, they'll pick worse. Since they're completely predictable, these assholes should never control a majority of votes on anything. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Q NOTES # K+32: Sewer Swimming

For the past few days, the liberal media I check regularly have been allocating most of their pages to the developing horrors in the House, now dominated by about twenty MAGA Monkeys calling themselves the freedom caucus. Marjorrhea T. Greene, Gym Jacketoff, and Matt (Tall Hair) Gaetz are three of the most recognizable creatures in that lunatic menagerie, but there are others who are also up to their chins in seditious activities directed by former precedent (sic) Dumold Thump.

There are nineteen moderate House Republicans calling themselves the Problem Solvers Caucus. If several of them sometimes find it politically expedient to work across the aisle, it may be possible to snuff out some MAGA Monkey horseshit in the House. Any crap that makes it to the Senate will probably be DOA or vetoed by Joe. At the moment, the House yard apes are presenting a TV reality show about their plans, and mainstream media are covering it like a done deal.

As long as Texas dumb fucks keep electing malignant tumors like Greg Abutt, the state will continue to disintegrate into another shithole like Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Alabama.

Friday, December 30, 2022

Q NOTES # K+20: Friday PM Comedy

Any time Dumold Pudd or any other prominent MAGA Monkeys are taking it up the posterior orifice, it's good for a laugh and makes my day a little better. The latest examples are as follows: 

  • Sean Hannity was finally forced to be truthful in a deposition, and he boldly admitted that he NEVER believed any of that horse shit about the 2020 election being stolen by fraudulent methods, not for one second. Now the other MAGA Monkeys are turning against his ass.
  • All those IRS income tax returns that Pudd desperately tried to conceal so long (at least six years worth, from 2015-2020) are now available to the public for casual examination. 
  • Speaking of Pudd, he's now threatening to run in 2024 as a third party candidate if he isn't the MAGA Monkey party's nominee. This is almost certainly more ridiculous bullshit meant to frighten people he needs more than they need him. Even so, it's something nice to think about: If Pudd siphoned off 25 percent of the MAGA Monkey vote, the only candidate who could win the election would be the Democrat.

Saturday, December 17, 2022

Q NOTES # K+7: Reality Check

During the holiday season, it would be appropriate if the Waste of Excrement's latest attempt to scam his MAGA moron followers (digital superhero trading cards for $99 each) was the insult to their "intelligence" that finally drove them away from him.

Updated 4:24 PM Saturday: There are at least 560,000 paying jobs the WOE is completely unqualified and unsuitable to hold, and president of the USA is at the very top of the list. The only job in the world that's made for him is hosting those twenty minute infomercials for overpriced cookware and kitchen utensils that run after midnight on cable channels that show syndicated 70's sitcoms in prime time.

Sunday, December 11, 2022

Q NOTES # 1,001: Sunday K + 1

I've lived this much of my life without ever having a Twitter account or using Twitter personally in any way, so it's impossible for me to give a flying fuck about what Twitter does or doesn't do. Many people seem to care deeply, like whatever Musk decides to do is life-changing. If Twitter is changing your life, maybe you need a new life anyway.

Empty Greene (aka Butch Greene) serves only one useful purpose in this world: making Kyrsten Cinema look reasonable and responsible by comparison.

Another issue being discussed at the bookmarked blogs and news sites has to do with the House January 6th Committee making criminal referrals to the Justice Dept. To me, the reasons to make the referrals are better than the reasons not to make them.

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