Sunday, June 25, 2017


When Donald Dick Drip starts talking on TV programs, the things he says prove he lives in some alternate universe that only exists in what's left of his mind.

Making us all proud to be Americans

Monday, June 19, 2017

Tweets worth reading (for a change)

I wasn't ever interested in Star Trek, so I wasn't familiar with this guy George Takei until a few months ago, when his Twitter posts started showing up everywhere I looked. I wish I wrote as well as he does. His Twitter comments are worth reading, unlike those of Donnie Two Scoops and other GOP piss rags who use social media.

This one recently got my attention:
The universe doesn't joke around. The officer who saved bigoted, homophobic Rep. Steve Scalise during baseball practice was a black lesbian.

Screw Jobs

The super-secret Trump Care legislation that Chinless Wonder plans to unleash in the Senate is apparently being structured to rip blue states a new asshole. Those are states that took advantage of ACA provisions like Medicaid expansion to serve their residents. The net result of the Senate bill will be to drag blue states down to the level of red state shit-holes like Mississippi and Wyoming.

Republicans need to be thankful I'm not the God of the Old Testament.

Partners in crime, equally rotten

Friday, June 16, 2017

Lip Motion

The Senate is still working on its Trump Care abomination, and more likely than not, when it passes, it'll be comparable to finding a turd the size of a boxcar on your living room floor. We know this because every Republican who's asked to explain it either can't or won't, and shits out cliches, platitudes about freedom, and packaged talking points like explosive diarrhea instead.

Worst Republican Senator

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Chicken Shit, Part 2

Another Republican coward advocates eliminating interaction with constituents in town hall meetings to prevent citizens from exercising their second amendment right to express dissent against the government with a loaded firearm.

Maybe if they were working openly every day to make life much better for their constituents, they wouldn't need to worry about unhappy voters.

But noooo...

Another stinking pile

Summer walks in Texas

Judging by the amount of water on driveways and sidewalks and in the street, some Texans seem to think you can grow concrete and asphalt using lawn sprinklers.

Six-Word Memoir

Most of my balloons were popped.

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