Monday, March 27, 2017

Lying Bastards

From The Atlantic: How Right-Wing Media Saved Obamacare

Huffington Post: Presidency Delegated to Son-in-Law 

Eventually, America will be forced to say, "We've had enough of this cheap shit. Get lost, fatso."

And sometimes it seems like Fatso is really trying to get his blubbery ass fired. We've managed to turn the damned country over to a lying bastard who can't EVER manage to do something the right way. Try to name one time you can honestly say he made the correct call.

Thursday, March 23, 2017


Question: Why do Republicans in the House of Representatives continue to do the things they do?

Answer: Because they know the voters in their districts are so damned stupid, they'll never be punished on election day. It's that simple. There's no other possible explanation.

Question: Is the so-called precedent (sic) really as inarticulate as he seems to be?

Answer: Yes. We can read the verbatim transcript of his interview in Time, which proves it.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Secular America?

The good news is that most Americans support the separation of church and state. The bad news is that most white evangelical Christians don't, and most of them voted for the so-called precedent (sic), even though he's obviously the most corrupt, rotten degenerate to run for president in my lifetime. Yes, even worse than Nixon. Much worse.

Many Democrats believe their party should try to win the support of people who voted for MAGAT in 2016, but personally, I have big problems with that idea. My gut feeling is that much, if not most, of MAGAT's support comes from single-issue voters, and that single issue is cultural disintegration, the right-wing label for abortion rights, gay rights, ethnic diversity, and waning Christian dominion. Frankly, I have no use for any Democrat who tries to win over white evangelical christians by eliminating separation of church and state.

I'd much rather see Democrats winning the enthusiastic support of people who voted for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson last November.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Sob Stories

The best thing that could happen for the future of America is millions of people who voted for the MAGAT or Jill Stein realizing they're already fucked or soon will be.

You know, it's not like the facts weren't staring them right in the face last November.

Added 3:15 PM on Wednesday:

From driftglass: Dear Republicans-Help Is Not On The Way (recommended reading)

And just so we'll know, any health care plan Republicans are willing to vote for will be the system we had in 2007, but even worse -- what the status quo of a decade ago would've been like AFTER Republicans worked overtime to fuck it up.

Daily Kos discusses the negative impact of Trump Care on the so-called precedent's (sic) largest constituency: older, less-educated white people.

Summer walks in Texas

Judging by the amount of water on driveways and sidewalks and in the street, some Texans seem to think you can grow concrete and asphalt using lawn sprinklers.

Six-Word Memoir

Most of my balloons were popped.

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